A Half Day Trip at Lycabettos Hill in Athens

Mount Lycabettos is the highest point in the Athens. It is supposed to have been created when Athena was carrying a hill for the construction of Acropolis and accidentally dropped it. That's history!

Lycabettos is right in the middle of Athens unlike any hill you can imagine on the outskirts. It is well accessible by taxis and also by metro if you are game for a quick walk upwards. The road is steep and resembles the crooked street in San Fransisco. It is a short and easy walk though. When you stop at the foot f the hill, there is a cable car to take you up and down. Return trip costs 7 eur. 

The walk to the top is supposedly not too Strenuous as it is a funicular path, sort of like the hairpin curves. We saw a lot f people walking down as well.

A good time to visit Mt. Lycabettos is afternoon. You can spend an hour or so enjoying the panorama of Athens. There is a little chapel as well. There are a couple of restaurants on tr top as well. If you stay longer, you can enjoy the subset like I did. The Acropolis and Temple of Zeus are easiest to spot from the top. Also the original Olympic stadium. 

At 7.30 pm the army guards bring the Greek flag in a little respectful ceremony. One saluting the flag and the other rolling to down. Then two of them fold it and take the flag with them. 
And if you stay up even longer, you can see the Acropolis lit up. 


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