Night life in Chania Greece

Chania town in Crete island is one of the quaint old towns which seem to have retained the old school Greek charm despite the tourist advent. After dusk, the   Old Town comes to life with the maze like alleys lighting up as the Greek taverns open themselves for dinner. Taverns are around every street corner, the seeming backyards or even along the alleys.
 Tamam, a taverna right outside our hotel at the Venetian Port had seating along the wall in this tiny alley. They also had seating inside the restaurant style and another cellar style seating for indoor friendly guests.

Popular pink bougainvillea trees lining majority of the alleys seem to be a great ambiance setter in Kreta island. Any Greek tavern pretty much starts with a bunch of tables under a candy pink bougainvillea bush., and of course great food!

Semiramis tavern was right around the corner from the Venetian Port  and a good yard of space with live music. What I also liked about Semiramis is they have a tarpaulin to cover the restaurant during the day and they roll it back for the open air tavern for romantic candle lit dinners.

And of you are looking at the broken wall on top or a couple of patchwork bricks, they are supposed to be adding up the ambiance.

These three guys singing in Cretan style, which is a mix of Greek and Turkish music, definitely made for my second viait to Semiramis. No great band, no pomp, but just three old schoolers singing with guitar and tea!

Ah! I almost forgot. Most taverns offer Olives as starters because Crete island is a Olive tree heaven. Crete is very famous for Olive oil soaps and packaged local Olive oil, if you plan to buy some.
And the best part: Cretan local alcohol is Raki and Ouzo. Raki is given free with every meal by the taverns, it is super strong and will leave you buzzing Crete for a while. 


  1. I love Crete. The locals are fiercely proud of being Cretan rather than 'Greek', although they are governed from Athens. They have a more relaxed tempo about them. Crete could weather the Greek economic meltdown, and I hope it does.

    Your photo of the musicians at Semiramis - is that the remnants of a foot-powered Singer sewing machine turned in to a table? Look's great! Very inventive.

    Enjoy your trip. I did.

  2. Ah yes, it is infact a sewing maching turned table :-)

    Crete has that charm you are talking about. I loved the place. I think this won't be my last trip to Chania afterall ... there will be more


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