Top beaches in Sardinia

The 5 best beaches on my list
They made my Sardinia trip lovely and memorable. For starters there are hardly any English websites talking about Sardinien beaches. And the ones that are in English are mostly travel agents with day trip itineraries around Cagliari. 

Cagliari is in the south of Italy it is one of the bigger cities in south Sardinia.
So far my experience has been positive. I mean nobody has stolen any possession of mine. Last trip I was in two  "bed and breakfast."s and both were worlds apart. The one in cagliari city center was crappy and bare minimum. Remember cagliari is expensive . The BnB costed us 40-50€a night. Hotels with decent ratings were 60+ € per night and just didn't make sense for us.
Mediterranean Exotica: The Drive to Solanas

Our second BnB was in the Quartu village along Poetto beach stretch and that's where the fun begins.

1. Poetto beach: the most common name in Cagliari and the best beach to hang out an sun bathe. A huge 13 kilometer stretch of white sand beach, mostly smooth sandy and in some stretches a little hard pebbled. The beginning stretches from Cagliari are lined with restaurants and beach bars, complete with showers and they make for a good day trip.

To Reach: You can take the buses from Cagliari city to reach Poetto Beach. The bus numbers are PF and PQ from the train station or the port.
beach bars and lounges at Poetto beach

2. Marina Piccola - is a teeny-weeny version of a harbour. It is more like a ship dock on one corner and the the length of Marina Piccola is the beach with flat waves. While some people get into the water, it is a great place to sun bathe, swim and enjoy a shower, drinks and music at the beach bars.

To Reach: Take the bus PF or PQ from Cagliari 

3. Kal'e Moru - for the most part people don't venture down south towards Capo Carbonara. And if you will brave it, Spiaggia di Kal'e Moru is a long white beach bounded by cliff extentions  on both ends and some real waves, not flat waves. There are some hotels, resorts and bed& breakfast accommodations around.

To Reach: Bus from Cagliari -> Capo Carbonara .
Better, rent a car.

Fishing at Kal'e Moru

4. Solanas beach - a single bus drives you all along the coast of South Sardinia, from Cagliari till Capo Carbonara. This is the bus you get on. The beach is similar to Kal'e Moru but waves are bigger and the beach seems much cleaner and lesser crowded. You can take a picnic lunch because there is just one Pizzeria we found on the exit to Solanas Beach.

To Reach: Bus from Cagliari -> Capo Carbonara .
Better, rent a car. The drive from Cagliari city along the coast is very scenic and follows some steep curves along the cliff. And you can stop at any beach you wish to. It is definitely worth the rental.

5. Villasimius : Best for the last! Villasimius beach is further towards Capo Carbonara from Solanas beach. The waves are higher, whiter, water is more Turquoise and the beach is longer and whiter. That's so much to describe Villasimius beach. There is a good resort to stay overnight or a resort restaurant if you are visiting for the day.

To reach: Rent a car and Drive along the coast. Or take the bus from Cagliari city center.

To eat and stay: Cormoran Resort

Drive along the Sardinian coast

Dining on the beach at Villasimius

Villasimius beach


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