NRIs easy guide to Aadhaar Card

Attention India : We are all familiar with the concept of Aadhaar Card by now. And I must accept, I have been one of the last few to jump on the band wagon of getting my identification via Aadhaar card. Nevertheless, if you are living outside India and hold Indian Identity, it is probably a good time to get your Aadhaar card. On my trip to India this december, I have successfully applied for my Aadhaar card.

Here is the basic information on Aadhaar: what and why!

1. Download the Aadhaar application form online or fill it in the centers. It is not at all complex.

2. You need to provide Date of Birth and Proof of Address.
The Identification documents you can use:
* Passport
* Voters ID
* SSLC / state level board exam certificate
* Driving license

Full list here

I just gave my SSLC marks card and Voters ID copies. But I had them attested (optional). It was sufficient.

3. Within 5-10 minutes of your application submission, you will be called for photo, finger prints, iris and details verification. This is done quickly by the set up. If you are mentally comparing it with US standards, stop! This is India and we already close.
Make sure you verify your details, name , Dob, address, etc

4. Collect your  printed acknowledgement immediately and save it.

5. Check your Aadhaar status after 24 hours here
8 setups of young officers entering your data. The Aadhaar application center is the basement of Karvy building in Vani Vilas road, Bangalore
One thing that stands out for me, India is shining! India has moved and is moving at a great pace. I loved the simplicity of application, the fact that information about application centers and documents are all over the internet. The very concept of Aadhaar Card is to have an electronic identification. And this is well done in India, still acceptably a third-world nation, and backward in a lot of areas regarding acceptance and adaptation. But with Aadhaar, the centers are easy to find, the staff doing it are mostly young and fast, no bureaucracy to block your path and as a result fast moving human lines. This was not the India I left three years ago. But I am very happy to be back in this fast developing India.


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