Photo Essay: Mysore Palace

Enter the Mysore Palace from the right side entrance. On a clear day, there is no limit to the bright charm of the beautiful red domes that top the palacial towers.

When I first thought of a palace with green interiors and gold, I had a very Islamic idea. But as the palace of the orthodox Wodeyar dynasty, Mysore palace does great justice to an artistic-style that is a blend of conventional Hindu, some Rajput style and a little Islamic architecture. 

The green and gold bordered with red gives a rich and traditional Mysore taste emphasising filigree work to great details.

In the main Durbar hall, the pillars are so symmetrically spaced and positioned that you view the same set of dome ceiling and pillar from either side. There is also a touch of pink to the green, gold, red color combinations. Chamundeshwari, the diety of Mysore Wodeyars is ever present gracing the palace.


  1. Lovely interiors! The work is so intricate and beautiful!

  2. I loved Mysore Palace during my visit there!!

  3. Lovely colours. I don't even remember seeing the insides of this palace. I think its time.

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