4 Ways to Travel Low cost in Europe

Before I forget all these wonderful websites I found for lowcost road trips, let me get them here.

1. Meinfernbus.de  - It is a bus service from Germany to the neighbouring countries and to major cities in Germany. Tickets start from €10 for a 3 hour ride and it is totally worth. The ride might be half to one hour longer than superfast trains. But at that price, I guess you can spend an hour in a bus.

2. Flixbus.de - Another bus service. If the route is not on Meinfernbus, then it is here. These buses are not super well connected to all small towns in Europe, just the major cities and drop-offs at major points. But if you need a ride to a major airport like Frankfurt International, this is a good and cheap ride, especially when your air ticket does not have the rail-and-fly offer.

3. Carpooling.com - I love it since I took a 15€ ride to Cologne in record time, booking it one day in advance. And I have great regards for carpooling.com because I know the founder personally. Look out for ADAC and verified accounts. And check the country specific versions for in-country travel and also neighbouring country travel. And no breaks until passengers agree.

4. Blablacar.de - Another carpooling website. I have not yet used this but will do soon. Also, I saw the cross-country rides are more easily listed here than carpooling.com. For instance to the Netherlands or to Czech Republic from German cities, I find some listings here when the buses are full. Check it out.