Local Art scene in Barcelona

Barcelona is a one great place for aspiring new age artists. It doesn't quite have the same old world charm like Amsterdam or Rome when it comes to art. But the ambiance is new world and young with the art scene. Major artists of the city are themselves from the 19-20th century. Picasso and Gaudi. 
Last night I walked by Gaudi's discordia buildings. I just loved the tile mosaic and the style of the random buildings asymmetric and out of place. 

Evolving Styles of Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso is himself a 20th century new age artist. I loved the whole cubism and bright color idea ofPicasso. It seems to have lived on and rubbed off on the aspiring artists who come to Barcelona to make to big as artist.

The present day art scene on La Rambla is about impressionist, neo-impressionist artists. Some of them make these glass-painting-like artworks on plastic and paper. The mosaic effect is stark and bright colors win out. They make a lovely take home souvenir if you want a glass painting and Christian look around. 
Some of these also use ceramic paint. So it is not just staining paper, also 3D effect. Again, it had me at the first sight. Something about these 3D and bright colored contemporary paintings gets my attention and immediate affinity. I can't put a finger on it but it has got to be the presence of red-orange hues :-)

Another set of artists I admired on La Rambla was the African sand textured art. The designs are also African here.

Personally, I saw a lot of artists and I my own judgemental way I felt they are mostly mass reproducing artworks in an original or old-master style. But at te end of the day they are making mass copies of artwork of Barcelona city scape or Gaudi/Picasso-styled remakes for tourist consumption and to make their living. It is an observation that I don't disprove of. Yet t haunts me of the artist who can just sit back and paint the cityscape of Barcelona. Do I applaud him of his photographic memorybf the city and talent to make a beautiful work of art? Or do I overlook it as a skilled artist who just reproduces one artwork after another? It confuses me and yet leaves me in awe...