Love on the balcony

Ever time I see a red brick building and a filigree worked balcony, my brain goes into a romantic elevation and refuses to come out of there for as long as it can.

Those French windows amused me so much that i had to click each time I saw one and instagram it. Even as the French windows have lived their life and been famous all around, I feel this modern-medieval style of architecture has a charm that shouts "home". 

Toulouse, the city I visited last weekend, is in the French Pyrenees region, a probable variation to our own Alps. This felt like a beautiful revelation of centuries of petite culture woven around authenticity.

And what more? Toulouse has canals. Like Amsterdam. 
Why canals I ask. 
But I am ready to face the answer that is Midi river. The region is Midi-Pyrenees. Pyrenees region located around the Midi river. I got it! And the back waters are all into the city as canals. I have recently come to understand that canals and boats are a lower cost of living than to get a house or apartment on rent. 


  1. lovely clicks!!

  2. Such beautiful photographs ! Perfectly saturated :)


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