4 day Barcelona guide! On a modern art trail....

How to spend 4 days in Barcelona? There are so many things to do and so many sights to see in Barcelona. You can spread the itinerary over 4-5 days easily and still not have enough of the Catalan culture. Back from my Barcelona trip and totally undecided on what I loved the most. The magnum of the city grew on me each day i set out to explore.

Day 1
La Rambla
Start your day in La Rambla and you can never go wrong in Barcelona. We sat at a sidewalk cafe and had brunch in the sunny February mid morning.  Oh boy! That was a lovely thing to do. But at a  not so lovely price. So the next day onwards we stuck to cafes in alleys.
When the sun was out we walked up and down La Rambla.
Port of Barcelona
Park Guell
For the second half we did Park Guell. A single half hour bus ride from La Rambla to Park Guell.  The art of Gaudi just engulfs you in a deep hug. Everything about park Guell: the artificial fort with porous stones or the tunnel like path way, the stunning tiled balcony of the monumental area, all of it came as amusements to me. Every single one of them a piece of creativity. And ofcourse there is the Gaudi lizard and cartoon looking house that every tourist wants to pose with. I loved every moment of it till the sun went down.
A nice thing about Barcelona night life is, if you want subtlety, you get it. I loved lounging with the Spanish music at tapas places just as I would have loved a blaze dance floor. In the Gothic quarter, you can find a lot of Tapas places. If you walk a little interior from the Ramblas, there are more authentic Tapas bars which cater not just to tourists. 

Day 2
Starting from our apartment in La Rambla, we walked a kilometer and half along the tourist map.That's the Picasso museum. Spent a couple of hours on that cloudy morning at the museum.  It was definitely worth gthe money. Gaudi is still on top of Picasso for me.
The afternoon was sunny as ever. A few hundred meters from Picasso museum is parc De Ciutadella. It is big, has a lovely ambiance on holidays, a pretty pool and ducks.
Just as you exit, you see the Arc De triumph. You can walk up the entire stretch from the exit of the park as well.

Barcelonetta Beach
Then we walked all the way back to the beach. Walked all along Barcelonetta beach. It took us a good hour in the sun. Now that's what I came to Barcelona for.
There are many beaches in and around Barcelona in half hour ride radii. You should probably ge on a bus and head off if you are beach crazy like I am. Too bad, i didn't have as much time. Barceloneta was good enough for me.

Day 3
La Pedera
Seriously, I can never get over the Gaudi-ness. So I did go to La Pedera. The place smells and feels of creativity and has itself stamped Gaudi, the architect who created it beautiful exteriors. The outer walls are undergoing renovation as of Feb 2014, but you should be able to see it in a few months. La Pedera has its roof and chimneys in the shape of fire. A shape to the means. The entire 4 storied architecture has more about its exteriors than its 1900s interior decoration. This is a must-see according to me.

Camp Nou
Barcelona is more than the artists ho made its history. It is the home of a football club. A legendary one. And it has a sexy player who I kind-of have a crush on. Ok, I went to Camp Nou and crushed on Messi.
The Camp Nou tour is pretty good for half a day. You can spend sometime at the stadium. Even better if you can catch a game.

More than just a club!

Day 4
Sagrada Familia
Back on the tourist trail, Sagrada Familia was almost the last of my things to see in Barcelona. It is undergoing renovation from many months and I had my doubts about even entering the place. But once inside, there were no regrets for me.
Give us this day our daily bread
The line from bible is written in fifty languages, including Sanskrit. it is a form of showing equality in men.

Gaudi has carefully crafted the glass windows so as to allow light, enough to see, but not too much to blind. In his own words.

Another interesting thing is the wall columns and the ceiling. It is designed to look like the palm trees. So when you look up, what you see is a bunch of palm tree tops, resembling a jungle, or the nature. What a lovely thought!

Palm trees with the top resembling a jungle! A delicate play of light in the interiors of Sagrada Familia


  1. Give us this day our daily bread, in 50 languages. That is wonderful.
    Sagrada Familia is really a work of art.
    Barcelona being close to the beach has its added advantages as a tourist spot.

  2. Barcelona is charming! It's a beautiful blend of beauty, art and culture.


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