Museums to see in Amsterdam - Stedelijk Museum

Stedelijk museum is the museum for modern art and contemporary art. That's probably the reason I loved it.
The museum starts with acquired artworks from great artists in Europe. Vincent Vangogh's Two Peasants and many more great artists work is acquired and on loan at the Stedelijk. In my opinion, it is a good thing. If you missed out on visiting other museums during a short visit, you have a little taste of them all here at Stedelijk.

Entry to the museum: 
15 € for adult entry
Alternative: Buy a musuem card for 55€ and you have entry to 39 museums for an entire ye

Cubism by Mondriaan - The cubism that I first discovered in Picasso museum in Barcelona. Appreciation for this form of art had evaded me. It is a a matter of perspectives, I guess. This time around in Stedelijk Museum I had an excellent time appreciating Cubism in the hands of Piet Mondriaan
Signature Cubist works by Piet Mondriaan
Constant is the artist I totally loved. Huge canvas art that covered entire walls. And expressive artwork from Constant in the World War 1 era is beautiful and vibrant, as opposed to a probably sad mood that could have set in with the war mood.


  1. I missed out on the Stedelijk Museum, in spite of two visits to Amsterdam. Maybe next time :-)


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