London Thumakda

So last month I went to London. My second time there. And it was fun.
The purpose of my trip was training and yet I flew in a day earlier with the sole purpose of eating at Saravana Bhavan. I ate idli, poori, masala dosa and filter coffee.
In east london, there is the cable car operated by emirates. This is great fun. It is not crazy touristy like the London Eye but rather lower priced, smaller queue and gives a nice view of East London. It's in the O2 Arena and so easily accessible by the tube.
More fun is when you come back from a round trip, you can take the ferry in Thames till the down town.

Emirates did a wonderful job of installing these cable cars in East London. They are awesome, worth and totally fun to see the life and vibe of London.
 Ferrying along Thames to get off at the station of your choice. Now go, get spoilt! And feel terrific and off-beat in London