Isle of Wight

The thing about Isle of Wight is I had only heard the name and never really hear anything more. I only knew there were people from the UK, mostly Londoners going down south for a weekend trip. So did I. This one weekend was pretty neat.

London to Portsmouth train is a lovely ride in summer. I love the greenery of England and the beach and promenade itself in Portsmouth is really fun and lively. Given that I only reached Portsmouth around 10 in the morning on a Saturday, the crowd was touristy and mostly relaxed. As long as the sun is out, it spells a good day for me. And what more for an impromptu trip than this one!

Thats the needles, most famous in isle of Wight. they are salt needles and have been fast disappearing. So we caught them! Ta daaaaa

Price : 4 GBP for a return ride in the cable car from the top of the cliff to the beach .

20 minute boat ride around the needles and a cable car to go down to the beach from the cliff above. All fun stuff! 

Price: There are 2 typesof boats. 5 GBP for a 15 min boat ride is a slow boat. and 7 GBP for a 20 min ride in a fast boat to see the needles. The latter goes around the cliff and shows needles views from back as well.