Museum of Prostitution in Amsterdam

The latest museum to opening in Amsterdam is the museum of Prostitution. Well for a city that draws millions of tourists every year with drugs and Prostitution topping the list of tourist attractions,  Amsterdam has done and fine job of creating this museum right in the middle of the red light district. Also called "the walls" and gaining fame for servicing the sailors centuries ago, Amsterdam' s red light district has thousands of licensed prostitutes standing in red lit booths along the canals and luring prospective customers. 
This museum has different sections. Starting with the stools facing the road, it allows you to take the position of the ladies you have been gawking at and look at the world through their red lens.
Then there is the service room loaded with daily utilities like the narrow single bed and a stand with lotions, cosmetics and mobile phone with charger ofcourse. 
Next section is the luxury room with a circular bed and bath tub. It looked super cheesy and had a medieval feel. Even the dim pastel light couldn't create a sense of luxury for me.
And then there is the torture section or the SM sections.  This is what the prostitutes take to when they get older.
A section of the gory murders of prostitutes in the last centuries towards the end only went to prove that despite legalizing the world's oldest trade there is no security to the sex workers even in a developed country like the Netherlands.
The last sections are a funny wall with "what people leave behind" ; denture and Id cards included. A funny sign that asks you to claim it if any of those belonged to you, a Confession wall and finally a quiz.
What a show!


  1. It wasn't there when I visited Amsterdam.
    Very interesting. What is in the last pic? Just a hanging seat or it has to do with something else?


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