Cologne in 2015

Köln or Cologne has some fun stuff to do despite the industrial and boring image it has. When I visited in summer with my parents, we walked in the Altstadt and
Here we are in the new year and 2015 has tons of new travel spots. One thing on my bucket list is definitely Portugal for this year. I want to revisit Spain and the man to his favorite Madrid. I realised it has been a whole month into this new year and feels funny to not have traveled or not have posted.
Hauptbahnhof , where I spent half of the winter trip
I must say, despite the bad weather and super cold post snow days, the trip in January was a good one. It was just what I needed to kickstart a year full of travel and adventures. I always think of it that way, January is when you decide the flavour of the year., whether it is travels, fun, dance or whatever the year will mostly take after. 
Freezing and Smiling in my favorite spot, the Dom!