Bloemendaal beach for a day out

As the spring arrives bidding good bye to winter, I am heaving a sigh of relief. And smiling! That's how we welcome warmer and more colorful days ahead.
Last weekend the weather was a good 15 degrees and we drove down to Bloemendaal beach from Amsterdam. As I had only been to Zandvoort beach in the Netherlands,  I expected a similar touristic and crowded beach. But what I didn't know was it is a different ambiance on the beach depending on where you enter from.  The place we parked and entered from had 1 cafe and an empty stretch of 500 meters with an industry in the far north. That was so not my idea of a beach.
Turns our I was on thr wrong end. As I walked south, the people increased.  Atlhough it was sunny it was still cold and not a good weather sun bathe in bikinis or get in the water. So I wouldn't get those bikinis out until July.  There was a line kite surfer enjoying his surf and fight the wind, which by the way was my attraction on the beach.
The cafe we went to was very relaxed,  had lots of couches to sit and bathe in the sun (in full clothing ), and get a mint tea and fries. You still need that warm food in the 10 degrees weather. The cafe played great music and as the evening approached they also prepared for a party. I was pleasantly surprised as a first timer but there seemed to be people who had well planned for the open parties in the cafe and cafes next door. Seemed like a crazy weekend party in beach was going to happen after we left for the night!
Drive: 30 minutes to reach bloemendaal beach from Amsterdam.
Public transport: take a train to Haarlem and bus to Bloemendaal.
Food: lots of cafes on the beach for Dutch food and drink