Düsseldorf: By the Rhine

October is just in summer. I ahve to remind myself each time that Europe celebrates its summer later than Asia and longer. (I wish)

Just In mid October this Saturday at Düsseldorf was amazing.  The evening in downtown or Altstadt area happened to be great and vibrant. It was luckily not very cold which meant the young and party hungry locals were up and about. We went to a bar on the alleys and got started on some local Düsseldorfer beers. Germany has its time with beers.  Rather the Germans know to have their time with beers.. Every time I am in a bar with German I just have to remind myself I can never be on party with the liter mugs of  beers.  This was a bit different! The local beer of dusseldorf or rather this bar was in smaller serving and more bitter. I learnt Köln and Düsseldorf areas along Rhine have their distinctive bitter beer or the smoked beer. So this was the bitter smokey beer.

I switched to color - color - multi color shots after. With all that music, we did a bunch of orange red and magenta shots before we called it a night.

The next morning was crazy sunny and mild windy. A good 30+ degrees weather.  Coming from the windy amsterdam I loved ever second by the river. People were kite flying and the weather was perfect to spend the sunday on the river side sipping a coffee and watching the kite flyers.


Travel: from netherlands it is best to travel by IC/ ICE trains to Düsseldorf.  It is the first and biggest station in germany

Booking: if you buy tickets upto 3 days prior to journey Deutsche Bahn has upto half priced tickets

Stay: Altstadt area or the old town is popular. Although expensive than other areas it is worth getting a hostel for a night. The city is small and travel times are not much within dusseldorf but staying in Altstadt gives you the center to travel everywhere else.

Food: When in Germany be a German! Enjoy those sausages and curry wurst
Oh Don't forget the local beer