Spring time in Europe

Spring is a beautiful season. It is not yet warm enough to shed those sweaters and definitely not as cold and depressing as Winter. That's a fine balance between extremes in Europe.

In Holland, spring season is so prominent that all those colours I had only imagined in the tropics came to life. Cherry blossoms for example. This being mid April the cherry blossoms are out in full spring colours, ripe and lovely for the eyes. I had been to the Japanese cherry blossom park in Amsterdamse Bos this evening and enjoyed the pretty colours.

Visit : Cherry blossom park in Amsterdamse Bos
Burgermeester A Colijnweg,  Amstelveen

Tulips are the next and biggest thing in Holland. I even associated Holland with tulips before I moved here. April - May is the tulip season in Europe and Holland has the biggest tulip fields and gardens.

Drive along the fields for free viewing of multi colored tulip fields . Or go to Kuekenhof for a day filled with themed Tulip cultivation

Look for Lisse if you are driving
Visit: Kuekenhof
Stationsweg 161 a,  Lisse