Montenegro : Bay of Kotor

Just like that, we took a bus from Dubrovnik  to Montenegro, another country. Montenegro means black mountain. The bay of Kotor is one of the first bays into Adriatic sea that opens up as you enter Montenegro  from the west. Montenegro is a really small country and the beauty of these ultra small Eastern European territories ( cities or countries) is how quaint and contained the town and sea are. Coming from India, this is miniature for me. But hey, I am no judge of size.  I loved the bay of Kotor and Montegran towns I visited. 

How to reach : Rent a car from dubrovnik and drive down. Or get a guided tour or day tour from nearby cities. All big cities offer the day trip as I came to know.
Visa: Eastern Europe has different visa restrictions. Taiwan passport cannot enter for example. But with an Indian passport and my EU residence card ( or Schengen tourist visa) it is a valid entry.
Please check the visa restrictions.
Currency: Euro
It is cheaper than most of central Europe and some Eastern European cities.  Good idea to shop!
Food: totally try the seafood from Adriatic. It is fresh and local grill style is my favorite. Make sure the restaurant is not ultra touristy and they can make you fresh fish. There are also some vegetarian options.