Photo Essay : Tulip Fields of Holland

Holland undergoes a magical transformation in Spring! The Netherlands, known for being the low lying land which is covered by water and continues to be pushed lower, is usually windy and grey. Spring beats washes out the greys and blacks with its vibrant colours.

Tulip fileds in Lisse

Spring in the Netherlands is a beautiful time to visit
Amsterdam, the cultural heart and vibrant soul of Holland can just turn into a dull limbo state in winter. But the first rays of sunshine can transform the entire Holland into a surreal colour-land, that the average Janes like me see only in fancy movies.
Tulip season starts in early April and runs through the end of May

A few winters in northern Europe made me realise the value of sunshine and whole heartedly appreciate the warmth that Spring brings with it.
Rows of tulips in Various Colours

Keukenhof Lisse are the most beautiful Tulip fields in Holland
Practical Information:

Buses run to Keukenhof from Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden and Schiphol. Any hotel can guide you to the bus. Look up:


  1. This is simply wonderful. Last year during this time I was there.
    The variety of flowers I saw at Keukonoff is mind boggling.


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