3 Great Walking routes in Dubrovnik

The recent trip to Croatia in Spring made me fall in love with Dubrovnik. The weather was perfect 28 degrees and just about right to get out in the sun all day long. Though not warm enough to get into water (although locals claimed it was 24 degrees in water ;) blah!!!) , the heat was not scorching enough to give  head ache and make me stay indoors with the AC on. So, that's my temperature rant, I loved it and it's my bottom line. We walked quite a bit and discovered some neat routes around for a good walk to build up your appetite to gorge on more sea food while enjoying the local landscape and Balkan turquoises.

1. Copacabana beach to the Old Town / Babin Kuk to Old town. 

We stayed at Babin Kuk at the Valamar hotels and did this walk almost every day of our stay. I loved the walk to the old town all along the sea. The walking trail is well made and walks you along the port with its little private decks and all sized boats anchored through the length of the journey. I can guarantee you will love this 6 km walk

2. Walk in the Old town. It is guaranteed to be on your list if you are in Dubrovnik. But needless to say, if you walk the alleys and the steps up and down, make your way till the port and back , you are bound to burn some calories just as you take in the ambiance of the town.

Port just outside the Dubrovnik Old town
3. Panoramic Walk up and around the Walls - The Old Town has a panoramic walk tour. I would totally recommend this. If you don't want to sign up for a tour, still go for this route because it is just one of the best you can get in Dubrovnik. You need pay to enter the Fort and then just follow the steps that lead all around the Old Town.
Oh! my favorite port
It is panoramic at all levels and I absolutely loved it. Much as all of Dubrovnik is over-hyped and touristic, there are these despite-touristy bits that make the experience memorable. I am glad I did this walk.
Panoramic View of Dubrovnik


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