The French Riviera

Nice! Oh my god!!! It is nice. Very nice.
Nice was the latest destination.  It was a fun trip especially since Amsterdam was beginning to lose the shreds of its summers and I needed a proper sunny vent, nothing beats the fancy than the turquoise beach and a cotton dress.
The first time we see as we enter the city a French bakery for breakfast full of delicate fren ch pastries and desserts. It was just the beginning of the day and the trip and the pastry already set me up to a great sugar pumped start. I always recommend a kickass breakfast and stuff it with sweet. No better time than morning!
French Desserts in Nice
The rest of the afternoon I just while away on the beach sunbathing and  lazing in a beach chair and takings swims in between. Isn't that what you do on a holiday in the French Riviera?
Came back in the evening for a series of concerts set up along the promenade. Turned out to be a summer party- Prom party in Nice. I liked this idea. Set of small stages every few hundred meters and each playing different music. Pick and choose your music for the night...

Next day we went off to Monaco for a day trip. But on sunday we were back at the promenade and checked out the walking trail, the port and and a short train tour up to the top of the cliff. Totally recommend some these in your to-do list:
  • The walk along the promenade
  • The visit to Nice port and a long walk back to the city along the beach
  • The old town for day time shopping and evening cocktails and dinner
  • The little train ride to top of Nice fort.

Port of Nice


  1. One of my neighbours goes to france quite often n prefers Nice over Paris .....


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