Bengaluru food musings

There are some standard eat - out places in Bangalore that I want to visit for the nostalgia. Some to fill. And some to just explore.
SLV in banashankari 2nd stage is one such. I like the idli chutney there. It is a low cost fast moving eat out that's popular with he common man. When I say common man, there is the whole class structure of Indian society in play. It is the working class on scooter, auto drivers,  students that love to stop by for a quick filter coffee or shavge bath. For me it was idli chutney.

Around the corner of BDA complex in banashankari is Lakshmi sweets. Since my 16th year in Kumarans Pre university  college I have been eating the chaat at Lakshmi. So the sev puri was a no miss. Also the marwadi shop on the back side of the complex which makes samosa, kachori, dhoklas, rasmalai and the freshest jalebis.

The lemon chocolate tart I tried out at the cafe in Auroville pondicherry. It was good, a rip from the tarts in europe just too hard crust and too tangy filling. Not that I complain.

Empire's dosa chicken or idiappam with kurma. It love it. And the Magai paan with dates!