Hamburg for a first timer

So what did I think when I booked a weekend to hamburg? Well, I had no clear ideas. I knew Hamburg is a harbour and there would be ships and waterside. Other than that I expected a party scene and a promenade. However, what I didn't consider is the weather. Living Amsterdam has gotten me used to cloudy weather with wind and rains at any time of the day and year. But I was really craving for a bit of sunshine but hey, 2016 seems far from sunshine.

We went to the Hauptbahnhof area as we do in every new city. That's the main train station area. And on a Friday evening it was mostly closed, no bars or restaurants around and really seems a little too dull for a big city like hamburg. But no, we followed the walking trail until the Gänsemarkt and Jungfernsteig. That felt much better. The malls and shops which constitute main business were closed but I hot an idea of the ambiance. And of course I found the restaurant for dinner and drink. So it was a decent city night after all.  Graa I've grown up and older...

Saturday night we decided to go back to the same place and also explore Reeperbahn. Yes, that famous Hamburg red light district. Also the Große Freiheit for Party scene. What happened was quite different!!!!