Travel the Grottos caves of Lagos

Lagos of Portugal is the stretch along the Algarves coast. First thing to note. If thought Lagos was only the capital of Nigeria and brushed it off, give it another thought. It could just be that awe striking scenery you were waiting to travel to.

The Algarves coast of Portugal has some amazing turquoise and emerald waters that I have seen in Europe. The fact that I hadn't researched Algarves and went with a friend on her suggestion made it more of a pleasant surprise to travel to. We reached Faro on a Sunday. Everything was closed in the evening that we strolled around. It seemed like a sleepy old town but the inner old city area had a charm alright. That's for another post. During this boring sunday we were deciding between Albufeira vs Lagos and almost decided on the former because of proximity to Faro. But a last minute article I read recommended traveling an extra hour for the lesser developed Lagos. It was definitely worth the decision to pick Lagos. The inner town of Lagos has a quaint old world charm that most European cities offer. Most houses are now guestrooms etc. Promenade of Lagos is well maintained and the walk on end may was good for me. Slightly breezy but not chilly and definitely not crowded with tourists. Now all along the promenade tour boat stalls try to sell you 1hr/ 2hr/ 4hr boat rides. We took the 1 hr boat because of our day trip time constraint. I would even recommend this if you are not much of a swimmer of kayaker. 2hr trip has an hour for kayaking the caves which I felt I missed but hey! You make mistakes.

The boat sails along caves coast with the captain explaining about each of the beaches and the access to them. Ad the town is on along cliff you would need to walk down to the beach from 50 to 300 steps depending on which beach you choose.

The coast is lines with calcium and lime deposits and these have carved the caves. Some are structures in the middle of water,  some are covered in an arch along nd some others are stuck to the cliff making the cave that allows minimal light inside.  That's what makes it so exotic for me. The water inside is shallow and clear. It plays with emerald shades with hardly any signs of moss. Kayak groups paddle between these caves. Water seem clear enough to take a swim but end may is still 17 degrees to enter water. If I come back in August I will be dipping. I know that!

An hour of the caves sailing, a lunch on the waterfront and a breezy walk on the promenade. That set me up on the nirvana mountain!