Visiting Faro

Think of a quaint little beach town in Europe that has lesser people than the smallest town you have visited. That's Faro for you. This is end of May and I arrived with an expectation of warmth and beach swims. Clearly this year summer is playing with us. After days of cloud and rain in Amsterdam, we are here at a 16 degree Faro in Portugal' Algarves coastline. It is windy as ever and doesn't make me forget Amsterdam at all. But the sun has made an appearance and that's the grace to thank!

After a super windy afternoon at Praia beach, I decided to get my jacket for the evening walk in Faro city.

The city center happens to be deserted on sunday evening. Your best bet is the cafes inside with Algarvean seafood and desserts.

A short walk in the city and the windy started off. Bought some amazing desserts with coffee. It kind of made the first day of this long trip worthwhile. We walked along the coastline to the center and this line is amazing. There is and spread of land, greens and water. It looks like a marsh but is not even one. The walk along deck is a sunny one. I loved is the sight on both sides... wait for more...