Budapest for first timer

When you start a brand new day in a brand new city, it sends an excitement that few travelers identify with.

Budapest started with a 2am entry into the city for us. The airport taxi service is quite authentic as they take the end point and give you a calculation of fare printed on the recipe with taxi number. 

The next morning we went to Deak -ter area which is the tourist hub and downtown. It is the called the Jewish quarter. Seems to be well known for the cafe and bars lining the street. Walk into the Budvar passage. It is really nice with cafes and hip restaurants along. This is a culture I have notices in Europe. They upgrade historical structures into passages with cafe so the current generation uses it and appreciates the history alongside. 
Walking tours are another favorite of mine. So we took the afternoon walking tour starting from Vorosmarty square. 
The walking route is around the old town of Pest, Jewish quarter and until the bridge which separates Buda and Pest. Pest is the flat side of the river and Buda is the hilly side. 
Pest palace as seen from Buda

Buda is up the hill and the castle. It's a quick walk and the hill is all of 80m high. I liked this castle for its mosaic tops. Didn't get a chance to go inside but the exterior charmed me so much that I went into a narcissistic mode and took selfies around the castle walls to satisfaction.


  1. Colonial structures, cobbled streets, walking tours.. Sounds wonderful.


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