Chikmagalur: Our Coffee quest journey

May 2017 trip to India seems to be going nice and sunny. For starters I attended and ate at a couple of weddings. And then set out on a trip to Malnad.

Road trip to Malnad had been on my mind for some time already. But I wasn't convinced it was the best idea because the roads were never very well maintained. And the recent increase of traffic was not encouraging me either. But May of 2017 changed it all. Before I get dramatic about this, our start at 6.30 helped the cause. No traffic woes from south Bangalore until Tumkur road. The new bridge seemed good (new for my NRI self, I heard it is 2011 built) 
And 4 tolled roads connecting Bangalore to Hassan just meant a smooth ride for us. I haven't even driven in Bangalore in 3 years and I was confident to drive. Impressed.
Now back to the coffee trail, we started the second morning from Kigga and drove towards Chikmagalur. At Jayapura we tried some fresh beans. None of these shops sell beans. They sell powdered coffee. But Chikmagalur is the Land of Coffee and dad had no intention to give up. Background of the story is the new bean grinder I bought from Amsterdam. 
We saw a board with Coffee works near Sringeri. And picked up some beans. With a small shop you get 2 types. Plantation A and Robusta. Dad doesn't like Robusta because it is very strong. We wanted Arabica blend and more importantly Peaberry. They are full beans, not half like the usual. The little shop in green sold us 2 types.

Then we drove up to Chikmagalur to find shops named "coffee works" as these would be the coffee bean sellers and not just the coffee powder sellers. It surprises me how home grown coffee is difficult to find in the same town as beans or in different native forms- roasted, unroasted. Everything is possible but seems like there is no market or takers. People want to buy coffee powder and make coffee than experiment with the varieties of coffee taste you get by mixing different portions of beans. Rather in Europe,  seven thousand kilometers away we get all the luxury to choose coffee beans grown in India or Brazil.
The last two stops indeed turned out to be Vasavi Coffee works and the famous Panduranga coffee works.
Vasavi gave us the Peaberry we wanted together with some more Plantation A+ types.
Panduranga sold us a supposed premium quality of Plantation, better than Peaberry. I am not a connoisseur of coffee. I will let dad do the honours of experimentation.