Day trip: Alkmaar and Bergen aan Zee

We chose Alkmaar for a day trip with the interest to check out their famous cheese market. As it turns out, Sunday is not Alkmaar cheese market day! Friday is the cheese market day. 

Sunny Sunday is everything else day. If you have one day in a European town, you should walk the city center, shop in a quaint store and eat an ice cream. That's exactly what we did.

Old town center. By the canals.

Walk along the town center in a line and you can sight these pretty buildings in a row. 

Oh! The fun part about Alkmaar center is its entire street lined with these tiles ad-hoc. They actually have unique tiles with a bit of history on Alkmaar. How lovely!

The walk across Kennemer park get you to this rustic looking bridge over looking the Sint. Josef church. Park is beautiful for a picnic and if you happen to rent a boat, the water below is just what it is for.

And when we were done with Alkmaar the inland town, we headed to the nearest beach by bus. Bergen aan zee. I would gladly recommend it to anyone taking a day trip to Alkmaar. The beach side cafes are great to hang out for a warm day or even spring / autumn seasons. They have glass shields all along the terraces and you can get a warm chocolate drink in winter while you sea gaze.

Bergen aan zee literally means mountains by the sea. For a flat country like Holland, the dunes around this beach a impressively high. And the road leading into the beach is through a forest to enter the dunes area. Happy sighting of rabbits and deer!
And Enjoy the North sea !