Day trip in The Netherlands: Muiden

Muiden was more like an afternoon trip. I decided to take a bike ride to Muiden along the seaside. The route is lovely with water all along. From Oosterpark in Amsterdam, I started to bike owards Flevopark and took the bike route along the IJBurg. That is about an hour with water and selfie breaks. Route below:

At the very entry of Muiden is the bikepath at a height allowing you to get a view of the tiny fort, docks and the Muiden castle. I was pleasantly surprised to see the fancy sailboats in Muiden. But then I saw that Naarden is 7 km away from Muiden, which is the highborn's neighbourhood. Behind the boats stands a quaint little castle.

And the entrance to the castle. It is open from 10.00- 17.00 everyday. Since my day trip turned out to be an afternoon trip, I did not make it inside. Going to be another trip if I have to make it inside that castle.
Muiden castle gate

The town of Muiden is very quaint and almost a village to me. However, the Dutch don't agree it is a village. There are a couple of restaurants by the waterfront. There is also a Muiden Lock here like the pretty Camden lock in UK. Sea locks are a common thing in Europe. I had never seen them earlier. Boats who want to cross from sea to a canal of different water levels, enter a tunnel of water and gates are closed on either sides. The water level is raised or lowered to match the destination direction and then gate opened. I love this Medieval European concept.